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(Replacement for UAS SH & SHN-10,20,40 & 50, IAC,APC,& Porta Clean Models, UAS Reference No. # 02-2339-S)

Smog Hog Equivalent Cell
Pressed Ribs


  • Side Panel: 2.0mm A5052 aluminum alloy
  • Cell Plates: 0.5mm A5052 aluminum alloy reinforced by pressed ribs.
  • High Precision: 6mm plates spacer with 0.05mm tolerance.
  • Strong “Bone”: bolts, rivets & screw stem material are all stainless steel 304
  • Military grade triple insulator with 0 failure rate.


“Your cell quality is better than Smog Hog’s.”

“These units are very very very very similar to the ones UAS make.  The fins on the Collector are bent on the way which usually is only done by the Smog-Hog factory here in the US. “

“Please be upfront and honest with me in regards to these not being sourced from Parker and that you indeed manufacture them under your own name. “

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(Replacement for UAS SH & SHN-10,20,40 & 50, IAC,APC, & Porta -Clean Models, UAS Part # 02-0037-S)


Side Panel: 1.5mm A5052 aluminum alloy

Inner Panel: 1.5mm A5052 aluminum alloy

Wires: 9 PCS 99.95% high purity tungsten wires

Insulator: High purity Ai2O3 Insulator with super long creepage distance for ionizer, good for ESP performance.


Smog-Hog® is a registered brand of United Air Specialists, Inc.  The products listed in this page are NOT original Smog Hog parts, but equivalent replacements. Our factory can produce retrofits for Smog Hog electrostatic precipitators. 

We have many other Smog Hog replacement parts which are not listed on this page. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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