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Electrosatic Precipitator for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

25-year experience on R&D and manufacturing
for a better exhaust air purification solution


ALPHAIR™ kitchen electrostatic precipitator is specially designed for commercial kitchen exhaust smoke and odor filtration.

  • ≥ 95% high-efficiency at a low, constant pressure drop
  • 100% compliance with local air quality waws and regulations
  • Washable corrosion-resistant A5052 aluminum-alloy filter,  long life span.
  • Trusted by LG, Microsoft, Hilton, etc.

ASHRAE 52.1 and EN779 tested, CE certified,ISO9001.

Product Features & Advantages

  • Our kitchen electrostatic precipitator is effective in cooking fumes and odor. Exhaust air purification efficiency ≥95%.
  • Auto power off when ANY door is open.
  • Release residual charge on the filter cell automatically when any door is open, higher safety for maintenance.
  • Low & constant pressure drop, less than 100 pa.
  • Permanent Ionizer/Collector elements —no filter replacement cost, just wash, dry, and reinstall.
  • Separated Ionizer/Collector Cell- Separated design makes spares smaller & lighter, easier for maintenance.
  • High-quality Insulators – Al2O3 insulator for the ionizer and military-grade insulator for the collector. Most durable in the market.
  • Durable & efficient A5052 aluminum-alloy filter cell ensures long term performance and reliability.
  • LED light to show status.
  • 110~240V high-frequency digital power pack with multiple self-protection functions ensure stable & efficient operation. 

Packing & Shipping

Plywood box package, good for shipping worldwide. We have happy customers worldwide.

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