Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector Applications & Benefits

The advantages of electrostatic oil mist collectors include reducing maintenance and downtime, as well as protecting the overall workshop safety and employee health of the CNC machining workshop. Government organizations require employers to meet exposure limits. When the metalworking fluid encounters the tool parts and is dispersed in the air, oil mist is generated during the machining, milling, and grinding processes. When exposed to high temperatures during the process, the oil mist will turn into soot. Oil mist and smoke can cause health hazards and contaminate expensive and important CNC machine parts.

We have developed oil mist collector with advanced electrostatic precipitator technology for metalworking oil mist control. Features & advantages of ALPHAIR™ electrostatic oil mist collector:

  1. Oil mist collection efficiency is over 98%.
  1. The installation and maintenance of the oil mist filter are very simple and convenient.
  1. Low noise level, less than 68dB(a).
  1. Applicable for various oil mist control in the metalworking area.
  1. Long-life span washable filter cell saves filter cell replacement costs.

The First Benefit of Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector: Reduce Maintenance and Downtime

Electrostatic oil mist collectors benefit CNC machines by reducing maintenance requirements and downtime. The figure below shows the oil-containing fan that has been taken out of the CNC machine. CNC machine tools that lack the proper electrostatic oil mist collector can cause common and recurring maintenance problems, including fans, circuit boards, control panels, cooling system filters, and tool parts.

First, dirt and high humidity can damage circuit boards and clog cooling system filters. Once the cooling system filter begins to block, the airflow can block, causing system failure or other performance problems. The cooling system protects valuable electronic components, such as drives, power supplies, monitors, and control systems. If the cooling system cannot work properly, the temperature will rise, causing damage to electronic components or even failure to work properly.

Similarly, oil mist can infiltrate the coolant pump system, generating bacteria and deteriorating the seals on the electric pump. Besides, dirty coolant corrodes metal surfaces, leading to tool degradation, accuracy problems, and part quality degradation.

Besides, oil mist can clog filters and coils in the workshop’s HVAC or air conditioning system. Excessive venting of air to remove oil mist in ambient air may result in high energy costs.


What’s more, the increase in maintenance frequency will result in more machine downtimes while reducing productivity. Proper control of oil mist can reduce maintenance requirements and allow production to continue as planned. In turn, you can save money and reduce the need for replacement parts and technician visits.

The Second Benefit Of Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector: To Ensure Factory Safety

Similarly, electrostatic oil mist collectors benefit overall workshop safety. The lack of electrostatic oil mist collectors leads to broad workshop safety issues; even in closed CNC machine tools, oil mist will overflow when the door is opened when loading raw materials and removing finished parts. When oil mist escapes from the CNC machine, it will fall on nearby surfaces around the machine shop, including walls, counters, floors, and lighting equipment. The oil mist on the lighting makes it darker in the store, while the oil on other surfaces requires maintenance. Not only will this cause cleaning problems, but the oil on the floor can also cause a slipping hazard. Likewise, the oil mist creates a fire hazard by forming flammable oil lines on floors and other surfaces.

The Third Benefits Of Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector: Protect The Health Of Employees

Besides, the benefits of electrostatic oil mist collectors include protecting the health of employees from the effects of oil mist through skin contact and inhalation.

Skin Contact: First, when oil mist contacts the skin, contact dermatitis may form in the contact area. Dermatitis can cause itchy skin, rashes, and cause the skin to crack, turn red, blisters, and lumps. Skin diseases must be treated to prevent untreated dermatitis from causing more severe complications.

Inhale Oil Mist: Next, inhaling the oil mist can cause respiratory irritation, causing shortness of breath, vomiting, fever, rapid heartbeat, headache, fatigue, and burning sensation in the mouth, throat, or stomach.

Also, continuous oil mist inhalation may cause persistent respiratory diseases. Oil mist can activate asthma attacks, cause asthma attacks, and stimulate the airways of non-asthmatic patients. Chronic bronchitis may develop from a chronic cough, accompanied by sputum, leading to lung function damage, lung damage, and heart damage. A severe lung disease called allergic pneumonia can cause coughing, shortness of breath, and flu-like symptoms. In the chronic phase, permanent lung scars are formed from this lifeline lung disease.

Although less common today, oil mist exposure is known to increase the risk of rectal, pancreas, throat, skin, scrotum, and bladder cancer. Modern metalworking fluids have been designed to reduce the risk of cancer, but due to the delay in cancer symptoms and development, there is no evidence that long-term oil mist exposure has improved the cancer risk.

The Fourth Benefits of Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector: Meet Local Requirements

Besides, the benefits of electrostatic oil mist collectors include meeting legal requirements. The law requires employers to restrict employees’ exposure to oil mist. OSHA legally limits exposure to 5 mg/m 3 within an 8-hour working day. NIOSH and ACGIH recommend the same exposure limits as OSHA.

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