Commercial Barbecue Smoke Solution

Air purification solutions will be listed for commercial barbecue smoke,Kebab smoke,Japanese roster smoke and Korean barbecue smoke. If you are looking for solutions for Japanese or Korean barbecue smoke filtration, then please go to the second haft part of this page directly.

1 Commercial Barbecue Smoke & Odor at Public Area

Barbecue is extremely popular worldwide, but no one loves barbecue smoke and odor. As you can see from the above pictures, barbecue has lots of air pollution. The heavy barbecue smoke & odor get difficulty to barbecue business because of complaint from neighbors.  Officials in China also take action to restrict any barbecue business with smoke. Some barbecue business owners don’t have a solution to the barbecue smoke pollution but hide from officials or shut off the barbecue business.

2 Street Commercial Barbecue Smoke & Odor Solution

Our company has developed an advanced commercial barbecue trolley with smoke extraction and electrostatic air filtration system integrated to solve the commercial barbeque smoke & odor for public area.

  • ≥ 95% smoke filtration efficiency 
  • Washable electrostatic filter cell saves filter replacement cost.
  • Wide grilling area for kebab and any other kinds of barbecue.
  • Charcoal barbecue, keep the best flavor.
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