Joss Paper Burning Smoke Pollution Control

1 Joss Paper Introduction

In general, joss paper refers to Chinese sacrificial offerings consists of paper materials.  They are small, typically appear as paper documents, clothes, and folding crafts types. Burning joss paper is a Chinese ceremonial practice for people to worship deities or ancestors. Chinese temples, crematoria and other places of worship are premises where joss paper burning normally occurs.

However, without effective air pollution control equipment, emissions of smoke and ash flakes will cause harm to nearby air-sensitive recipients such as residential premises, schools, hospitals, and so on. So, what’s the solution for joss paper burning smoke control?

2 Joss Paper Burning Smoke Control System

Luckily, we have designed a joss paper burner with smoke purification system. Our system has advanced electrostatic precipitator inside, which gets below advantages:  

  • ≥ 95% smoke removal efficiency
  • Washable electrostatic precipitator filter cell saves filter replacement cost
  • Intelligent auto-cleaning system

3 ALPHAIR™ Joss Paper Burner Application:

  • Burning paper in temples and graveyard
  • Remove black smoke from paper burning

We are honored to be the manufacturer for the BIGGEST joss paper burner in China so far.
Successfully Installed at: Mount Jiuhua,Burning Capacity: 100KG/Hour

4 A Proven Solution to Joss Paper Burning Smoke


“According to practical experience in Hong Kong and elsewhere, electrostatic precipitator coupled with water scrubbing as flue gas pretreatment is proven to be the Best Available Technology (BAT)to give satisfactory performance in removing smoke and ash flakes from joss paper burning.

Guidelines on Air Pollution Control for Joss Paper Burning at Chinese Temples, Crematoria and Similar Places- By Environmental Protection Department Hong Kong

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