Electrostatic Precipitator Application in Textile Stenter Smoke Removal

1 Textile Stenter Smoke Information

The textile dyeing and finishing process can produce much oil-bearing fume which includes organics and textile auxiliary. The fume density is up to 40—80mg/m3 and will pollute the air and hurt people’s health badly. Therefore textile stenter smoke solution is important to all textile factory.

2 Textile Stenter Smoke Solution Selection

Since there are many pollutants such as organic oil, dye, dye auxiliary, lubricant oil, fiber particles, etc.in the exhaust air from the textile production line, we choose the advanced ESP (electrostatic precipitator) technology to deal with the fume and collect the valuable oil from the fume. ALPHAIR™ electrostatic precipitator can remove textile stenter smoke with high-efficiency and very low-pressure drop. It can filter particles of sizes from 0.01 microns to 100 microns. ESP technology features with high filtration efficiency, low operation cost and low filter replacement cost (washable filter), safe and reliable. It has been proved to be very great solution to textile stenter smoke solution.

3 Fume Control System Design

Firstly, the oil-loaded exhaust air produced by the stenter is extracted into the heat exchanger. The pre-filter will remove the fibers and large particles in the fume before they go into the heat exchanger. Then the fume will be cooled to 60℃ through the heat exchanging with cool fresh air from outdoor in the heat exchanger. After cooling, the cooled fume will go into ESP and filtered by ESP (Filtration Efficiency: ≥95%). By the effect of high-voltage static, more than 95% of the waste oil is eliminated and collected; and the exhaust air becomes clear air to be discharged out by the exhaust fan. The collected waste oil is with high purity, which can be sold to Recovery Company for recycling. As a result, the waste oil can be turned into profit or production raw material to take back equipment investment.

Advanced specially designed air to air heat-exchanging technology is adopted in this proposal and users do not need to worry that the heat exchanger will be blocked by pollutants frequently. (Traditional water heat exchanger will be covered by textile fume oil and fiber after long time operation. Then cooling efficiency will be lower and lower. Purification efficiency will be lower and lower because of cooling efficiency. The pressure drop will be higher and higher. However, the traditional heat exchanger is too heavy to be washed. )

The built-in auto-cleaning system saves labor for cleaning and maintenance costs and can ensure the system operation for a long time. The filter cell only needs to be cleaned manually every 6~12 months. During the auto-cleaning process, the detergent will be sprayed to filter cells automatically. Clean water will be sprayed to filter cells after 5 minutes for the best auto-cleaning performance. Insulators are protected smartly to low cleaning frequency too.

To ensure the safety of this system, the high-temperature protection function for this system is available. Once the fume temperature in ESP is over 100℃, then ESP will be power off and the alarm starts for fire safety. Two fire dampers are installed. Once there is a fire inside ESP or a high temperature detected, then the two fire dampers will be closed to stop air goes into the system. Then the firefighting system starts operation.

U-design oil drain outlet ensures less oil will be accumulated at the bottom of ESP because of negative pressure by the exhaust fan.

4 System Benefits

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Highly effective on particles from 0.01 micron to 10 microns with internationally used plate-wire type ESP technology. Fume elimination efficiency is over 95%.

SMART AND ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM: Advanced specially-designed air to air heat-exchanging technology is adopted in this proposal and users do not need to worry about that the heat exchanger will be blocked by pollutants frequently.


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