Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator | Oil Mist Collector

ALPHAIR™ industrial electrostatic precipitator can filter over 95% exhaust smoke & oil mist from the textile production line, PVC leather, and other PVC production line. 

  • ≥ 95% high-efficiency at a low, constant pressure drop
  • 100% compliance with local air quality waws and regulations
  • Collect valuable oil for recycling use. Turn air pollution into your profit.

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Application:

  • Textile Stenter Smoke Removal
  • PVC Production Gas Disposal
Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator for Textile Productin Line
Installed Textile Productin Line
No Visible Smoke After Purification
No Visible Smoke After Purification
Industrial Oil Mist Collector
Industrial Oil Mist Collector
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