Collection Cell for Smog Hog™

Generic high quality collection cell /collector replacement part (UAS Reference No. # 02-2339-S) for Smog Hog.  For UAS SH & SHN-10,20,40 & 50, IAC,APC,& Porta Clean Models.

Perfect service parts for Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator.

Smog-Hog® is a registered brand of United Air Specialists, Inc.  The products listed in this page are NOT original Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator replacement parts. Our factory can produce high quality generic Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator service parts. All the Smog Hog replacement parts supplied are brand-new and in great condition. We also provide one year warranty for all kinds of Smog Hog replacement parts supplied by us. 

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