The 6 Main Reasons Why Is Your Electrostatic Precipitator’s Performance So Bad?

1 "Why is there still smoke coming out with electrostatic precipitator installed? "

⇒ You may have bought inferior products. You get what you pay for.

You’d better choose a well-known brand electrostatic precipitator.

2 "We have famous-brand electrostatic precipitator in our kitchen exhaust air system, but smoke cannot be purified well, why?"

⇒There may be a problem with the installation.

A good electrostatic precipitator must also cooperate with standard installation. Once an error occurs during the installation process, the effect of smoke purification will be greatly reduced. At this time, you can consult the electrostatic precipitator manufacturer to check whether the ventilation duct is installed correctly, or check whether the equipment is damaged during the installation process.

3 "Why did the electrostatic precipitator work well when I first used it, but it didn't take long to get worse? "

⇒ By how long?

Depending on the amount of oil fume, usually the electrostatic precipitator needs to be cleaned and maintained after one to three months. Once the oil and particles accumulated in the ionizer and collector are all cleaned up, the electrostatic precipitator can regain its glory.

4 "Why is there regular cleaning, but the fume purification efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator is still very bad? "

⇒1 You may have bought a low quality product.

2 There may mistakes on model electrostatic precipitator selection and installation.

3 During the cleaning process, do not use a cleaning agent with a high concentration, otherwise the filter cell will be severely corroded.

5 "Why is the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators not good even if we use big brands and clean them regularly? "

⇒Problem may be is model selection. Please purchase the electrostatic precipitator according to the system air volume. The electrostatic precipitator with a small air volume will not be able to purify bigger air flow rate of fume; in addition, when the fume odor is too irritating, an odor control unit needs to be used to purify the fume odor. Fume and peculiar smell are two different things, please treat them differently.

6 "Why my electrostatic precipitators are not effective?"

⇒You may not have used ALPHAIR electrostatic precipitator.

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