Why Does an Electrostatic Precipitator not Work Well?

In the process of daily use, the electrostatic precipitator may not work properly due to some man-made or quality problems. So if we know the reason of these problem, we can solve the problem quickly. Now, let’s talk about why the filter cell doesn’t work when the electrostatic precipitator is powered on.

1. Too Dirty

Contaminants built up may bridge the collection plates and or on cell tripod insulators. This can cause short circuit condition.

2. Deformed or misaligned contact springs.

Springs are usually used to conduct high voltage power form power pack to filter cell. Once the contact spring is deformed or misaligned, power will not be transmitted to filter cell.

3. Bent cell plates

When one or more collector plates are bent and contacting the opposing collection plate(s), filter cell is in short circuit condition too. Therefore, system will not work.

4. Voltage is too low

Most of the fume filtration are electrostatic precipitator, which use high-voltage static electricity in the filter cell to form an electrostatic field to ionize and adsorb oil fume particles. If the external voltage is too low, a high-voltage electrostatic field cannot be formed at the electric field, so the oil fume cannot be purified, and the purification has almost no effect. If this happens, you may need to:

1: Check the insulators on door and filter cells. Replace the cracked one or broken one.
2: Check the power pack output voltage and adjust it to right one.

5. Broken wire or poor contact

The internal wiring of the electrostatic precipitator is mainly connected to the power supply and the filter cell. If the power wiring is broken or the contact is poor, or the spring connecting the filter cell is not in good contact, it will cause when the equipment is energized, the filter cell is not energized to form a high-voltage electrostatic field, and equipment doesn’t work. In this case, we need to check whether the wire or spring is contact, and if there is abnormal, it needs to be replaced.

6. Power Pack Failure

The power pack of electrostatic precipitator can convert low voltage power into high-voltage power and output it to the filter cell. If the power pack fails, then filter cell cannot be powered to catch smoke particles. If this happens, the power supply needs to be replaced.
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